get the clearest sight possible with non-glare coating

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get the clearest sight possible with non-glare coating

Wearing glasses has become fashionable and desirable, even by people who don’t actually need vision correction. And more important that showing off your cool, new frames is making sure to reduce the glare on your lenses so people can see the natural beauty of your eyes. With a simple non-glare lens treatment, those unattractive glares and reflections can be virtually eliminated

When your lenses have a non-glare treatment, they look practically invisible, so people can see your eyes clearly, even when you’re standing in bright light. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, non-glare lenses provide you with clearer vision, because reflections on the front and back of the lenses are minimized. Night driving is easier, too, since these lenses also work to eliminate halo effects and glare from oncoming traffic headlights.

Benefits of No-Glare Lenses:

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Invisible-looking lenses
  • Sharper vision with less glare
  • Anti-scratch for better cleaning

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