get the clearest sight possible with non-glare coating

Transitions® Lenses

Seeing 20/20 with prescription glasses is great… until you need to go outside on a sunny day. If you don’t have prescription sunglasses, it can be a real nuisance switching to contact lenses just so you can shield your eyes from the harmful UV light. And if you don’t have contacts, it’s difficult to find sunwear large enough to fit over your regular glasses.

It’s time you learned about the benefits of Transitions® lenses! These lenses, also known as “light-adaptive” or photochromic lenses, are clear indoors, but darken outside depending on the level of brightness. In other words, they’re constantly changing based on the light, so you can have perfectly clear vision inside and 100% UV protection outside, all with seamless transitions between these light and dark environments. There are three major types of everyday Transitions® lenses you can pick from:

Transitions® Signature

Signature lenses use Chromea7™ photochromic technology, dyes made up of molecules infused onto the surface of the lens, which constantly and seamlessly lighten or darken according to the changing light. These lenses also have a seriously fast fade-back when you head inside, so you can have clear vision no matter where you are.

Transitions® XTRActive

XTRActive lenses are designed for people with high light sensitivity. These lenses already have a slight tint in indoor lighting to protect your eyes from harsh fluorescent lighting and glare from computer screens. Exposure to outside light darkens them a little more dramatically, activating behind your car’s windshield to give you 100% UV protection and increased color contrast while driving.

Transitions® Vantage

Vantage lenses are anti-glare and darken with changing light like the others, but their added polarization gives them a leg up on their Transitions family members. The high-definition lenses work to block harmful horizontal light to control glare and reflections from sun and water. And since they’re constantly changing and polarizing, you’ll have great visual acuity, even on the brightest days.